Paid Internship

Don't just look for a job, but for a company that will raise your skills to a new level.

Paid Internship

Is it for me?

If you are a recent graduate (3+ university program) and haven’t done any personal projects, this program might be the right thing for you.

If you have just gained a degree (3+ university program), and have done some projects (personal, small, bigger etc.), you should apply and then we will figure out together if you are fit for a junior position or if you should go through an internship program.

We are always eager to meet people like you.

If you have completed the course in PHP, Ruby, or front-end development, you must have at least one project that you are proud of. Make it publicly available on a Git repo. We want to know how you think, how persistent you are, how much time it took you to complete the project, etc.

You should additionally write a motivational letter or (even better) record yourself explaining the motivation behind your choices and what you think your future will look like if all turns great.

How to Apply?

There are many tutorials on how to write or record a great motivational letter.

That is why we will not cover this topic, but we should point out that this seemingly small step may affect your entire career, and as such, it deserves your full attention and dedication.

Naturally, when reading motivational letters, we go for those written on a more personal note, those that truly explain what are your motives and expectations related to StuntCoders in particular, rather than going for a generic-sent-out-to-hundred-companies letter.

So, try to explain why exactly you believe we would be like two peas in a pod!

We also want to know what is the reason behind your decision to pursue this career.

We want to know if there are things that keep you awake at night. Tell us as much as you can about yourself and technologies that turn you on. Tell us about what problems you would like to solve.

What does the interview look like?

We reply to all people that apply. If you do not hear from us, it is likely we didn’t receive your application. Try reaching us in a different manner.

In case we like your motivational letter, and your project(s), we will invite you to our office so we can meet.

There, we will be looking forward to learning more about you, and we will be open for any questions that you might have. Our teammates (not more than two), will be talking to you about motivation, your current interests, and knowledge that you have gained.

All of our questions will depend on your area of interest and current knowledge.

The idea here is to learn about how much time should the internship take, and what are the areas we should focus on during that time. Strong individuals form strong teams and we want you to gain as much as possible from this program.

If all turns out to be great on both sides, we will ask you to visit our team psychologist for evaluation. This is our standard procedure that ensures you will be a great fit for the current team.


Is the internship paid?


How long does the internship last?

Depending on your current knowledge it can take anywhere between three and six months.

Do interns get a chance to work on real-life projects?


And not only that, but we push you beyond your comfort zone by giving you hard problems to solve as well. Of course, you are monitored at all times and you have a mentor by your side supporting you and assuring you are on the right track.

Will I be learning a lot?

Yes, and we will encourage you to broaden your skills by recommending great books and providing you with amazing tools and courses.

What sources do you apply during the program?

In short, video tutorials, mentor monitored development, face-to-face discussions, and book reading.

Is everything provided by StuntCoders?

Yes. Computer equipment, ergonomic chairs, online courses, licenses, books…

Which books will I have to read?

We recommend the following:
– Pragmatic Programer, book by Andy Hunt and Dave Thomas.
– Clean Code, book by Robert Cecil Martin
– Refactoring, book by Kent Beck and Martin Fowler

What will I learn?

This really depends on you and your general area of interest, but some general areas are:

  • Software development methodologies in practice
  • Usage of project management tools, and lifecycle of tasks
  • Proper and advanced usage of Git
  • Tracking of changes and proper methods for versioning
  • Continuous integration tools and methods
  • Code quality
  • Peer reviewing
  • Refactoring

You will also learn about:

  • WordPress
  • Magento
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Linux

Do you hire your interns?

More often than not, we end up hiring software developers that went through our program.

How many interns do you accept to your program?

One of our mantras is – we are not willing to commit to more than we are sure we can handle.

This is our approach with our clients and projects, as well as with interns, and we consider it tremendously important.

After all, it is the only way to ensure that the end result will be of highest quality.

Therefore, we will give you straight and honest answer if we can or can not accept you onto our internship program.

We look forward to hearing from you. Good luck!


How to apply?

Send us an email to, telling us a bit or a lot about yourself, what inspires you, and make sure you include your portfolio and links to work you’ve previously done.

Good luck,
Dejan Jacimovic

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