A word from our founder

Dejan Jacimovic

We love programming and creating software and take pride in working on this craft, working on ourselves continuously so that we’re better at it both as professionals in our own right and to our partners.

We are StuntCoders, a software development company made from different passions, technologies and skills, united under a single promise — to be exceptional. Intelligent, curious and driven by discovery, collaboration is the foundation of our company and our work. We create eCommerce solutions that change how consumers interact with brands through well-thought-out architecture combined with pixel-perfect design and cutting-edge technology.

It is essential to recognize that it is hard to accomplish great results without a great team. This is why we genuinely invest a lot in our team, and by that, we don’t mean bean bags, sweets or other perks, but investing real time and effort so that everybody’s job is made easier by team processes, not harder. But most important to us is that every team member is valued fairly and thoroughly, according to their contributions, not office politics.

We love creating effective, well-built, outstanding solutions.

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