Explaining Internship & Junior Position

Before joining StuntCoders

Does your Git look like this?

After joining StuntCoders

But you’d love it to look like this?

You came to the right place.

After joining StuntCoders

Our team ranks amongst the top 10% of coders in their countries, according to GitHub. Yup, all of the members that have been with us for 12+ months.

What can I expect from the internship?

The internship lasts 12 program weeks. That usually means three months, but we had people complete it sooner (our colleague Jovan completed it in 1.5 months), and we had people take longer (5-6 months).

During the 12 weeks, you will learn about the following:

      1. Work ethics.
      2. Self-quality control.
      3. Software development methodologies in practice
      4. Usage of project management tools, and lifecycle of tasks
      5. Tracking of changes and proper methods for versioning;
      6. Working with the team.
      7. Giving estimates.
      8. Proper git workflow (commit messages, branching models, peer reviews).
      9. Working with virtual environments (Docker, Vagrant, asdf).
      10. How to take team meetings.
      11. How to put your knowledge from SCSS to PHP to work on real projects. (Your commits will go to production, scary đź‘»)

What NOT to Expect from the Internship?

Aleksandar Lizdek
Aleksandar Lizdek, Back-end Mentor

The internship is not a school, and the mentor is not your teacher. We expect you to have enough knowledge to follow through. Cheating on knowledge tests to pass qualifications will not do good.

What’s the difference between an Intern and a Junior Develper?

There is almost no difference in knowledge you must gain to qualify for Internship or Junior position. The difference may be in education, and readyness to start working at a full pace.

Both interns and junior developers work on real-life features, that get deployed to production. Both give estimates, both are expected to work on the features on their own.

The difference is that mentors ease interns into the projects, explaining all the nooks and cracks, with more than one weekly call on which details are presented. There is no pressure to deliver functionality on time (as interns are only practising estimates and are often awfully wrong), and there is more explaining and "holding hands".

How do I know if I qualify for a junior position or internship?

If you are a recent graduate (3+ university program) and haven’t done any personal projects, this program might be the right thing for you.

You should apply if you have just gained a degree (3+ university program) and have done some projects (personal, small, more significant, etc.). Then we will figure out together if you are fit for a junior position or if you should go through an internship program.

We are always eager to meet people like you.

If you have completed the course in PHP, Ruby, or front-end development, you must have at least one project you are proud of. Make it publicly available on a Git repo. We want to know how you think, how persistent you are, how much time it took you to complete the project, etc.

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