Our Values

We ask each and every person in the company to make decisions on behalf of the organization on a regular basis, without necessarily going to their manager to get advice or approval.


We enjoy solving problems and we are concentrated on bettering things here and now to provide practical solutions for people all over the world.


We love to be inspired and grow. We offer as much guidance and additional education to our employees as they need.


We stand by our word, and feel a deep desire be consistent and reliable. We like being in control and work on managing our time well.


Here we are not afraid to go the extra mile as every mile is heavily rewarded. If someone is acting lazy that just means they are uninspired, that’s where out open conversations step in.

Openness and transparency

We are open about our work, pay, needs and requirements. We rely on and provide feedback as often as possible.


Being open enables us to instal fairness and check up on our employee satisfaction.

‘No jerks’ policy

We are good at what we do but also humble and ready to help our colleagues. We don’t welcome arrogance and entitlement. We value kindness as well as your good work.


Life is awkward, absurd and funny and so are we.

Be part of the outstanding team

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