How We Hire

Applying for a job can be very exciting, and sometimes nerve wracking. After you click “send”, you wait, and wait, and then wait some more. We know how this feels, and we don’t enjoy it either. That’s why we wanted to share with you how the process looks on our end.


After you apply, your resume will be reviewed by our recruiter and other team members. Here are some tips on how to write your application.

When writing your CV try to be concise, stick to the important stuff in less than 2 pages if possible. Make sure it has no errors or mistakes. You want to get hired to write code so it is really bad to send a CV with non consistent way of writing commas and dashes. Read it top to bottom, ask your friends for help or spell check. For your motivation letter, don’t just write about yourself, let us know that you at least googled us and try to examine how you would fit with our culture and values. Makes sure to send a git repo or some projects you are proud of so we can see your work.

Pre-interview Testing

If our team members find it possible for us to be a good match, we’ll reach out to you within two days to ask you if you are interested to do an online test.

In-person Meeting

After passing pre-selection process, you will be invited to our office for an in-person interview so we can learn more about you, your skills and your previous experiences. We want to get to know you in person and give you a chance to ask us as many questions as you’d like. We want to see if you would be a good fit at StuntCoders, want to see how we click.

In-depth Behavioral Assessment

During an interview with our psychologist, she will give you IQ and personality tests that bring a deeper understanding of an individual. Grasping not only how you behave but also how you think. The hiring manager will meet with the candidate to verify the report, getting an in-depth look at the candidate’s behavior in the workplace.

Low, average, and high scores on a personality trait questionnaire are neither intrinsically good nor bad. Particular amount of any trait will probably be irrelevant for most activities, helpful for accomplishing some things, and detrimental for accomplishing others. Scores and descriptions can only approximate your actual personality so you are free to comment on your results with the psychologist.

We like for our teammates to get well together in, and outside the office, and we like to welcome people that will be a great fit.

Reference Check

Hiring manager will (with your permission) reach back to your previous employers and check references as well as impressions of your previous employer (or professors in case you are a student).

Our aim is to employ, guide and advance particularly talented, hard-working and dedicated individuals.

We can’t wait to meet you

Be part of the outstanding team

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