Flow [fləʊ] is the mental state of operation in which a person performing an activity is fully immersed in a feeling of energized focus and full involvement and finds great enjoyment in the process of this activity. In essence, flow is characterized by complete absorption in what we do. Often times it results in loss in one's sense of space and time.

Intense focus

You know that you are in a state of flow when you have complete and intensive concentration on the present moment. You are hyper focused on what you’re doing.

Transformation of time

You look at the clock and realize hours of time have passed in seconds. You don’t have a real feeling of time passing by. Time either slows down or flies by when we are fully engaged in the moment.

Intrinsic reward

Doing the task is pleasant to you. You feel good about what we are doing. Motivated to continue and to do it in the best possible way.

balance between challenge and skills

We can get there by mastering challenging tasks. Tasks that are not easy and boring nor too hard and nerve wrecking. Tasks that are just hard enough to spike your interest and develop your skills and that you feel are possible to solve with your skill set. Don’t just look for a job, but for a company that will raise your skills to a new level.

feeling of control

You feel that you are in control and free to work on the task as you find best. You don’t feel pressured to do it.

Actions and awareness are merged, losing self-conscious rumination

You lose the feeling of our needs other than this current drive. You realize you were ‘in the zone’ and thinking only about this activity without worrying or ruminating about it.

Working in a state of flow


A growing body of scientific evidence indicates that flow is highly correlated with happiness, both Subjective well-being and Psychological well-being.

How to get there?

We want our employees to feel good about their work and thats why we do our best to help them to work in a state of flow by:

Often giving feedback. Make it easy to connect effort to results.


Giving control. Control to work on their own projects and plan their development.


Helping them to do what they love. This starts with our selection process where we choose people who truly love and live programming. We also take care of our employees by open conversations if we feel that they are not enjoying their time at work.

Flow occurs in your life when your highest skills are matched to challenges that quite exactly meet them.


How we hire

Applying for a job can be very exciting, and sometimes nerve wracking. After you click “send”, you wait, and wait, and then wait some more. We know how this feels, and we don’t enjoy it either. That’s why we wanted to share with you how the process looks on our end.

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