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We love programming and creating software, and take pride in working on this craft, working on ourselves continuously so that we’re better at it both as professionals in our own right, and to our partners.

We are StuntCoders, a software development company made up of different passions, technologies and skills, united under a single promise — to be exceptional. Smart, curious and driven by discovery, collaboration is the foundation of our company and our work. Through a well thought out architecture combined with pixel-perfect design and cutting-edge technology, we create eCommerce solutions that change the way consumers interact with brands.

It is important to recognize that without a great team it is hard to accomplish great results. This is why we truly invest a lot in our team, and by that we don’t mean bean bags, sweets or other perks, but investing real time and effort so that everybody’s job is made easier by team processes, not harder. But what is most important to us, is that every team member is valued fairly and fully, according to his or her contributions, not office politics.

We love creating effective, well built, amazing solutions.

Our partners

Many companies say that their clients are partners because they see them as more than just clients and because it sounds better (which it does).

We do this as well, with a key difference being that our partners have been with us for as long as 8 years. If doing business for that long isn’t true partnership, we don’t know what is.

We don’t do quick projects for a quick buck, we return the trust our partners give us, and are proud to have them:

We work with StuntCoders since years!!! Great people and one of the best Magento programming skills we have experienced in the last 15 years. If you need support with your website, contact them!Johen Smuda

Our customers gave us 5 stars for our services and allowed us to run their stores for 7+ years. You might know some of them.

Hi there, Let me tell you the story about StuntCoders

When we were kids, we were honest about our fantasies. We were hungry for knowledge and all that mattered was fun. Later, we grew up and started doing what we were told to. Soon, we started despising Mondays, and continued with our lives without trying to make our days count.

We honestly believed that this is not the road we were meant to take, because if you are not truly happy, it will show on products you deliver. We wanted an environment where we would feel free to talk about ideas, a place where we could learn something new every day and where we could come to be productive and give our maximum. We wanted a place where you would ask yourself: “How come the whole week has already gone by?!”.

So we founded a company and brought our friendship to the office. We didn’t want employees, we wanted a family of professionals that could come up with killing solutions. We called it StuntCoders.

StuntCoders is a family, and when we accept a new project, our client becomes a part of our family. We want to make our clients feel welcome and we want them to know that we care. We care about their ideas and plans, and we try hard to make them happen. We know how important their vision is, as we have fulfilled ours.

Our knowledge is our client’s shortcut to success. And we don’t search for shortcuts in our work. We believe in people and ideas. We know that with a good idea, we can do more and we’re ready to work more and harder than others, because we know that in the end we’ll be proud. Proud of what we achieved, proud of ourselves and proud of our work.

Dejan Jacimovic

Applying for a job can be very exciting, and sometimes nerve wracking. After you click “send”, you wait, and wait, and then wait some more. We know how this feels, and we don’t enjoy it either. That’s why we wanted to share with you how the process looks on our end.

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StuntCoders is a team of real people, aligned in common values. Below are the 8 values that we aspire to live by on the StuntCoders team.

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